To promote the valorization of marine resources from the Atlantic Area, as well as fisheries by-products, improving the industrial process and the development of certain stages of high added value products completely developed in the sectors of biomedicine and global well-being. All of that will be achieved using blue biotechnology as a tool and a partnership made up by companies and specialized research groups focused on innovation.



  • To start structured and permanent collaborations between research centers and companies in such a way that an industrial tissue specialized in production and trading of high added value products becomes consolidated and increased. This tissue will complement the traditional activity devoted to the exploitation of marine resources focused on human nutrition. The intention is counting on a wide group of companies that may consolidate a sustainable business model able to satisfy all the requirements and demands of a circular economy regarding the use of species and raw material from the sea.
  • To foster the use and exploitation of marine biological recourses from the European Atlantic coast which, despite the wealth and diversity may be considered as underused. That is because their main purpose is the industrialization and marketing in the context of human nutrition and only in a minority representation it is a source of high value products in possible different fields like pharmacology, cosmetics or medical devices.
  • To contribute to the development of a Sustainable Smart Growth as expressed in the EUROPE2020 Strategy, affecting other industrial sectors in the area and strengthening the cooperation between Academia and Industry for being the major driving force to promote technology transfer and applications for patents. All of that focused on the goal of increasing high skilled jobs and boosting the economic tissue
  • To develop the critical mass in the area which is represented by a significant but disconnected number of research groups and companies, setting up synergies and alliances to guide their abilities towards a common challenge directed to innovation.